Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Read all about how terrorism strikes the city of Seaside and what 4 teens do about it. 

My graphic novels RECON ACADEMY are available at . This is the early online store that will become, where Boys read. Guaranteed.

RECON ACADEMY is about 4 teens who run a counterterrorism unit out of a secret headquarters hidden deep inside their high school. They battle their archenemy Shadow Cell to keep the high-tech town of Seaside safe for the citizens. 

Nuclear Distraction: Matthew (aka Hazmat) races to stop Shadow Cell's secret attack on Seaside's nuclear power plant and finish in time for a hot date. 

Prep Squadron: Jay is sent on a Recon training mission at the Navy base, not knowing that he's being tricked by Shadow Cell into infiltrating a high-tech weapon hangar. 

Shadow Cell Scam: Emmi has to save each Recon member from the new computers given them for free, which are actually gas time bombs, set to knock out the team while Shadow Cell prepares to shoot down a Navy rocket.

The Hidden Face of Fren-Z: The team responds to a bank robbery call and Ryker uses his super programming skills to stem an attack on the Federal Reserve by Shadow Cell's top hacker Fren-Z.

Also available at is my illustrated chapter book SUPERMAN: TOYS OF TERROR 

Superman fights the wicked devices of Toy Man to stop the evil ever-child stealing a Metropolis Christmas Parade float full of innocent children. 

All these books are great summer reading for boys and girls alike. They really fit my mission of getting boys to read. They have lots of action and techno-thrills. Buy them for your young readers and - please - let me know what they think of them. 

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