Monday, January 21, 2008

Time Hauls A@#

Wow, does a week go fast! I have to say that I'm glad to be SO busy. There was a time in my life when it was hard to get anything going, now the days are FULL. Last week, I set a goal to link at least 5 other sites/blog/resources related to boys' reading and here they are!


These are not necessarily in order of importance. Each has their own plusses.

#1. Guys Read: Jon Scieszka was named National Ambassador for Young People's Literature by the Library of Congress on January 3. When LOC decided to revive this honorary position, Jon was the logical first choice. He has done a lot for boys' literature and literacy. When I grow up, I want to be like him.

#2. This is a slick site that's full of info about boys' books. I think they're on the right track. The homepage looks like a video game menu and the books are there. Check it out if you're looking for the real thing. .

#3. BookHive: This site trends a little younger than my target, but it's still a fun site with a nice catalog. Younger middle-grade boys will find lots here to read, plus additional info on books -- including audio.

#4. Books for Boys is a blog by author Max Eliot Anderson, former reluctant reader turned storyteller/writer (like me). Max illustrates nicely the thoughts, feelings and reactions of the reluctant/struggling reader. It's a look inside the mind of that kid you're trying to get through to.

#5. Boys Rule! Boys Read!: A fun site about books by a couple guys who obviously have no intention of growing up. They relate to a boy reader at the boy level. They talk about books, have contests and post readers comments. They're dedicated and fun.

These are some early choices. While I didn't find the time for the one hour of research each day in the last week, I'm glad I set the goal and put out here for you to see. Feel free to hold me accountable. I'm dedicated to inspiring boys to read and I intend to keep it front and center -- just the fact that I'm back here on Monday blogging says a lot.

I'll continue to comb throught the resources and post worthy ones here. In the meantime, I'm setting my next goal.

By next week I plan to contact a local school about starting a reading mentorship program. My intention is to work with boys who are reluctant or struggling and introduce them to some fun resources with themes they'll like. Next Monday, I'll report on my results.

See you then!

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Carl said...

Chris, Thanks for linking us to your blog (and the Bookhive) Here's a site you may have missed:

It's called Boys Blogging Books and is run by 3 boys age 11-14 and their mom, who does all the tech work. It's very good and would be a perfect link for you. (We haven't included it because it goes for an older audience than ours) I'm grooving on your blog too!
Carl from BRBR